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Senior Adult Unit

Senior Adult Unit

Psychiatric Treatment for Senior Adults

Many actions considered normal to the aging process may be signs of dementia, depression, paranoia or hallucinations. Left unchecked, these symptoms often lead to an inability to handle the responsibilities of everyday life. Alliance Health Center offers a treatment program specifically designed to meet the behavioral health needs of adults age 55 and older.

Through diagnosis and evaluation, the staff at Alliance creates an in-depth profile of a patient’s medical and psychiatric history. Our multidisciplinary treatment team designs a thorough plan including medication management, dietary recommendations and therapy to maximize the independent living skills of senior adults.

Importance of Family Involvement

Family and social relationships are critical to senior adult care. Our treatment team educates family members on the aging process and the goals and supports them as they make decisions on their loved one’s future care.

We understand the anguish felt by families when a loved one has dementia, depression or another age-related disorder. The dedicated psychiatrists, nurses, social workers, activity therapist, dietitians and counselors at Alliance will help you face the challenges ahead with consideration for this difficult time for your family.

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